Understanding Official Letters and Its Kinds

basically important to know. A letter can be said as part of the forms and communication tools that exist in human daily life. As one of these communication tools, letters provide benefits and uses until now. The communication tool is still an option to carry out a communication or cooperative relationship carried out by agencies or companies, even individuals.

Although in its use as an individual or personal communication tool, now the number has begun to decrease because there have been technological advances that make it easier to communicate. However, it is still one of the options for people to communicate.

The use of letters in the form of cooperation between agencies or companies is indeed very important to connect and explain the cooperative relationship carried out by these parties. With the advancement of technology that is increasingly sophisticated and also developing at this time, changing manual and conventional correspondence has turned into a more modern and sophisticated way. Surely it will make it easier for you to do the correspondence contained in a company.

The changes that occur from using this conventional method into a modern way and of course you will always pay attention to the nature of the letters contained in the mailing system. The nature of the letter is still a letter as a means of communication and also a form of cooperation and pay attention to the nature of the letter and the types of letters that exist.

A. Definition of letter

Letters have meaning as a means of communication in the delivery of information that has elements as senders and recipients of letters. The sender of the letter certainly has a purpose in making a letter sent to the recipient of the letter. Letters have various kinds according to the needs of the sender to the recipient.

Based on the Big Indonesian Dictionary or KBBI, a letter is something written, in writing in written form. Understanding the letter in general, is a means of communication used to convey information in writing from one party to another. Aims to provide the meaning of the message contained in the sender. In general, the information provided consists of notifications, requests, introductions, tasks, orders, agreements, orders, and many others.

B. Kinds of Letters

In the use of this letter itself is divided into several types that vary greatly. Let’s know and pay attention to the following discussion:

1. According to the nature of the letter

Based on its nature, letters are divided into four types, including the following:

a. Personal letter
It is called a personal letter because from the name itself it is clearly seen that a personal letter is a letter written by an individual and its scope. Having a relationship with the sender, namely the personal scope of the sender and letters that are family in nature with a small scope.

b. Personal Official Letter
A personal official letter is a form of letter made by an individual or individual but involves a cooperative relationship with an agency or company. For example, a job application letter, resignation letter, and so on.

c. Official Letter
Official letter is a form of letter made by an institution, organization, or agency officially by having letterhead in formatting. Based on the type itself, it is categorized into two different types, between agency or government official letters and private official letters.

d. Trade letter
A commercial letter is a form of trade letter or sale and purchase letter written by a company or trade agency, sales, or agency that involves buying and selling activities.

2. According to Shape

Based on its form, letters are divided into five types, including the following:

a. Ordinary Letter
A bias letter is a letter written on a piece of paper by the sender and given to the recipient. After that, put it in an envelope or cover.

b. Notes and Memos
Notes and Memos are letters based on their form made by internal companies. With its use as orders and instructions between officials.

c. Certificate of Evidence
A proof letter becomes a letter that shows a proof of a transaction, such as an invoice, receipt, receipt and others.

d. Open Letter
An open letter is a letter whose delivery is only intended by groups or individuals by being published in the mass media.

e. Sealed letter
Closed letters are the opposite of open letters where in the circulation of closed letters are not loaded by the sender and recipient.

3. By Origin

According to their origin, letters are divided into two types, including the following:

a. Incoming mail
Incoming letter is a letter received by groups, individuals, and also agencies from outside parties.

b. Outgoing mail
Outgoing letter is a letter sent by groups, individuals, agencies, companies, and others to outside parties as recipients of the letter.

4. By Activity

According to the activity or activities, letters are divided into two types, including the following:

a. External Mail
External Letter is a letter related to and involving other parties or from outside.

b. Internal Mail
Internal letters are letters relating to parties from within and within the scope of a company.

5. Based on the Target or Spread
According to its target or distribution, letters are divided into two types, including the following:

a. Ordinary Letter
This ordinary letter in its distribution is carried out only for the special parties involved and is addressed to the sender and recipient.

b. Circular letter
As the name suggests, a circular is a form of letter that is circulated or targeted at the general public or special communities with a specific purpose.

6. Based on Content Security

According to the security of its contents, letters are divided into three types, including the following:

a. Ordinary Letter
Ordinary mail is a letter that no one can find out except the recipient and does not have a bad impact on the company.

b. Secret Letter
In this secret letter, there is a code called RHS or R. Where the code means that people who have no interest are prohibited from reading the message because it will cause bad effects.

c. Very Secret Letter
In this very secret letter there is a code that is SRHS SR. The code is intended to mark letters. So that the letter is only opened to the recipient or people who have an interest in opening it and reading it.

7. Based on the Completion Process

According to the settlement process, letters are divided into three types, including the following:

a. Ordinary Letter.
In this ordinary letter, the settlement process is carried out sequentially and in accordance with the acceptance process and the settlement is not urgent.

b. Immediate Mail
Immediate letter is a letter that requires a settlement process in an immediate and fast time.

c. Very Soon Letter
Very Immediate Letter is a letter that needs to be done quickly and urgently.

8. Based on the Purpose

According to its purpose, letters are divided into three types, including the following:

a. Letter of notification
The notification letter has the purpose of informing the recipient or certain parties.

b. Warrant
The warrant is intended for the purpose of giving an order to the recipient.

c. Letter of request
Letter of Inquiry is a letter addressed with the aim of providing a request for a request for goods or services made to the recipient. So that this desired request can be achieved and realized.

C. Kinds of Letters That Are Often Used

There are several letters that are often used by the public, including:

1. Official Letter
The type of letter that is often used is a formal letter. The official letter itself is a letter that is distinguished by content or exposure. Generally, the main characteristic of this official letter is the presence of a stamp that comes from the maker, namely the agency. Serves as a means to communicate with several parties. Examples of this official letter include summons, letter of assignment, and so on.

2. Personal Letter
The type of letter that is often used next is a personal letter. This letter is the opposite of a formal letter. The main characteristic of this personal letter is the use of informal or colloquial language. Personal letters serve to establish relationships with other parties.

3. Trade Certificate
The type of letter that is often used next is a trade letter. This letter is usually often encountered in the business world. Because the purpose and function of this trade letter is to provide a means of communication and guarantee all matters relating to the economic field, such as special sales or purchase activities. Trade letters are made by one party and addressed to all parties. Examples of trade letters are offer letters, advertising letters, to auction requests.

4. External and Internal Letters
The types of letters that are often used by these four are external and internal letters. The difference between these two letters lies in the range of use. The internal letter serves as a means of communication with the relevant agency environment. Meanwhile, external letters are only used as a means of communication to parties outside the agency. Examples of internal letters are notes and memos. An example of an external letter is an invitation.

5. Circulars and Announcements
The types of letters that are often used last are circulars and announcements. Circular, is a letter that is only circulated to the internal environment only. In general, this circular letter is intended only for authorized officials.

Announcement letter is a letter that is circulated within the agency. However, basically this announcement letter has a broad nature so that it can reach all members in an agency involved.

With so many kinds or types of letters, letters are always an option for communication and collaboration facilities carried out by companies. That way suray can be made according to the type and category. Of course you should not be careless or careless in writing it. Stick to the type and category of the letter itself. So that the recipient of the letter can know and understand the letter he received.