Teacher Certification And What Are The Benefits For Educators?

Being a teacher is a noble task. Being a teacher means having a responsibility to educate the next generation of the nation. As a form of gratitude and appreciation to the teachers, the government has prepared an incentive program. However, to get it, every teacher must first obtain a teacher certificate.

What is a teacher certificate and what is its purpose?

A teacher must meet certain standards to be considered a professional educator. This certification is a means of defining these standards. The certificate given to a teacher at the end of the certification process is a document that is official proof that the teacher is a professional teacher.

Certification is not an end but a means to an end. For this reason, awareness and understanding from various parties is needed that certification is used to obtain quality teachers. With quality standards and qualified teachers, it is hoped that students who excel are also of equal quality. Teacher certification is carried out for several purposes, namely:

  • As a determining factor whether or not a teacher is worthy of being an agent of learning to achieve national education goals or not.
  • As a step in improving the process and quality of school outcomes.
  • Improving the qualifications and dignity of teachers as printers of the next generation.

What are the teacher certification requirements?

All teachers, whether public or not, can participate in the teacher certification program. The requirements are the same as PPG (Professional Teacher Education). Requirements for teacher certification include:

General Terms

General requirements for teacher certification include:

  • Completed the last higher education or IV degree.
  • Keep working through appointments until December 2015 (employees and non-employees).
  • No educator credentials.
  • Have a NUPTK (unique number for educators and education personnel).
  • Maximum age 58 years.
  • Have a diploma in the chosen discipline.
  • Physically and mentally healthy, not using drugs.

Archive/document requirements

  • Photocopy of diploma (legalized by the relevant educational institution)
  • Photocopy of SK for the first appointment and the last 5 years (legalized by the Education Office) for civil servant education and public schools for non-civil servants). The legalized SK is the SK for the last 2 consecutive years.
  • If teaching staff are not PNS teachers (private or public schools), they must demonstrate a teaching load of at least 2 hours per week.
  • Permission to participate in PPG is granted by the local government (for public teachers in public schools) and by the head of the institution (for permanent teachers).
  • Drug-free certificate from the relevant agency.
  • Certificate of physical and mental health from the hospital.
  • Police health check.

How Much is the Allowance for Teacher Certification?

The benefits provided to certified teachers vary. Based on the Regulation of the Minister of National Education n. 72 of 2008, it is stipulated that permanent honorary teachers who are not civil servants and are not in office receive a fixed allowance or teacher certification salary of Rp. 1,500,000 per month.

So, if you are a certified honorary teacher, in addition to your monthly salary, you will receive an additional salary according to the value above. The TPG (Teacher Professional Allowance) value will change if you get a functional position.

What about the amount of TPG for teachers who are already civil servants? The value depends on the amount of the teacher’s basic salary.

How do I apply for teacher certification?

Teacher certification can be done in two ways, namely initial PPG and in-service PPG. The steps of the two methods are also different. For those who want to take the certification exam through the pre-service PPG, the steps are as follows:

Apply directly to the LPTK (Institution of Education for Education Personnel) as long as registration is open.
Preparing PPG fees before leaving for work is IDR 7,500,000 to IDR 9,000,000.
Completed 2 semesters.

As for teachers who want to take part in PPG in carrying out their roles as follows:

Take the pre-test through SimPKB (Continuous Professional Development Management Information System).
After taking the test, if teachers are included in the quota, they will receive a call to join PPG at the station.
That’s some important information related to certification for teachers. Hopefully this article can help you get teacher certification, thank you so much.