Various Kinds of Character Education We Must Understand

Kinds of important character education that everyone should understand! Discussing the education system in Indonesia is of course very important. Society certainly has an obligation to be able to understand the importance of education for every country. Because basically with the right education system, everyone can have the opportunity to advance. This will affect the progress in a country that is gradual.

The Indonesian education system, according to the 2013 curriculum, is certainly related to the character building of students. Personality inculcation carried out at an early age will certainly help the country develop further. Because basically having a strong personality will help create a dominant personality later. For this reason, it is important for everyone to understand the importance of providing education in schools.

Discussions about applied education in schools, of course, will involve many different things. One of them is related to various kinds of character education that are important to be implemented in schools. Well, on this occasion of course we will discuss about the types and types of education. This way, people will have a better understanding of what education is all about. For that, it is important for everyone to be able to listen to the explanation below about the types of education that are important to pay attention to.

Definition of Character Education

Character education according to Thomas Lickona is education to shape one’s character through character education, the results of which can be seen in one’s real actions, namely good, honest and responsible behavior. While the concept of personality itself is the values ​​of human behavior in relation to God Almighty, oneself, fellow humans or the environment. Therefore, it can be concluded that education is a process or behavior of a person that can be explained in scientific words.

Character Education Goals

The goals according to the Ministry of National Education are:

  • Develop students’ effective cognitive potential as human beings and citizens who have cultural values ​​and national identity.
  • Cultivate the spirit of leadership and responsibility in students as the next generation of the nation.
  • Develop students’ abilities to become independent, creative and nationalist human beings.
  • Building a school environment as a learning environment that is safe, honest, creative and friendly and has a strong and high national spirit.

Value of Character Education

Values ​​According to Sahlan and Prasetyo, the Ministry of Education and Culture has published a number of character education values ​​which are divided into 18 values, namely:

  • Religion, religion is an attitude of obedience and behavior in applying the teachings of his religion.
  • Honesty, honesty is behavior that is based on an effort to be a person who is always trusted in his words, actions and deeds.
  • Tolerance and tolerance are attitudes and actions that respect differences in religion, ethnicity, ethnicity, opinions, attitudes and actions that are different from themselves.
  • Discipline Discipline is the act of showing orderly behavior and following various rules.
  • Persistence is a behavior that shows a real effort to overcome obstacles in learning and doing homework. And complete the mission as best as possible.
  • Creativity is thinking and doing something to create a new way or a new result from something that already exists.
    Independence is an attitude and behavior that is not easy to depend on others.
  • Democracy Democracy is a way of thinking, behaving, and acting that respects one’s rights and obligations towards others.
    Curiosity is an attitude, an action to always try to find deeper and wider than what is learned, seen, and heard.
    Nationalism Nationalism is a wise way of thinking and acting by prioritizing the interests of the nation and state above oneself and one’s group.
  • Love for the Motherland, Love for the Motherland is a way of thinking, acting, and acting that shows loyalty, care, and respect for the state, environment, society, culture, economy, and politics of the nation.
    Achievement appreciation is an attitude and action that inspires a person to create something useful for society and recognizes and respects the success of others.
  • Communication is the act of expressing pleasure in talking, spending time and working with others.
    Peace love Peace love is an attitude of words and deeds that makes others feel happy and safe with their presence.
  • Love to read, love to read is the habit of spending time reading various readings to give virtue.
    Caring for the environment, caring for the environment are attitudes and actions that always try to prevent damage to the surrounding natural environment and try to repair the natural damage that has occurred.
  • Socio-cultural, socio-cultural, are attitudes and actions that always help others and people in need.
  • Responsibility, responsibility is the attitude and behavior of a person to fulfill the duties and obligations that must be held against him. In conclusion, personality education aims to shape and build students’ mindsets, attitudes and behavior so that they become positive individuals, have good personalities, have high spirits, and live life with responsibility.

Types of Character Education One of them is Religiosity

Instilling Religious Character is certainly a very important thing to be applied to students. Basically, having a stronger religious character in a person helps in achieving a better life. Well, one form of education that needs to be implemented in schools is religious character education. By planting the right religious figures, students will be able to become religious individuals.

Growing Personal and Environmental Cleanliness

Cultivating clean living habits for yourself and the environment is certainly an important thing to pay attention to. One of the kinds of character education that must be applied in schools is the practice of healthy living habits. Because it is very important to maintain personal and environmental hygiene. That way, every student will become a cleaner person and always maintain a healthy lifestyle. Because of course it will affect the physical and mental health of the community.

Developing a Caring Attitude

In education, it is important for everyone to be a caring person. This is important in the educational culture in schools. The development of a caring attitude in each student will help achieve mutual respect and help. This is in accordance with the national goal of making every human being live together.